The BORN (Barrett’s Oesophagus Related Neoplasia) Project

In December 2006, the IWGCO initiated a project to improve the endoscopic recognition of early adenocarcinoma arising in patients with Barrett’s esophagus.

The expertise of the four major Barrett’s referral centres not required were pooled and distilled to provide guidance suitable for all endoscopists.

Endoscopic videoclips of early adenocarcinomas were made in a standard way with conventional white light endoscopy and then specialised imaging methods. Histopathology was correlated with endoscopic appearances.

The videoclip collection has been analysed in detail to develop and evaluate proposed diagnostic and descriptive criteria.

Videoclips have been incorporated into an interactive, online BORN Training Module designed to alert endoscopists to the subtle mucosal abnormalities of the many early adenocarcinomas that can be recognised with standard endoscopic imaging.

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